Tea Glass with Strainer – anytime and anywhere trendy mobile tea enjoyment

Tea Glass with Strainer

Tea Glass with Strainer all-in-one:
Lid, glass and a variable tea infuser

Style and comfort on the go with a tea glass with a sieve

Casual, modern, mobile? You are a tea drinker – style and comfort on the go and @work are important to you? Do you value natural materials and sustainability?

You could become friends – the puristic looking tea glass with strainer and you. In the winter it offers you hot tea and serves as a hand warmer, and in the summer heat it keeps your drink pleasantly cool. With the tea glass with strainer, you can enjoy your favourite tea anywhere: Always available for tea at work or during lunch break, on the meadow in the park, on the journey or the way to work, for a quick breakfast or at the cinema. With the tea glass with sieve, you are exactly in line with the contemporary tea trend.

Daily use is as ingenious as it is simple. The contents of the Double Wall borosilicate glass remain hot on the inside and lukewarm on the outside. The tea leaves or fruit mixture can be placed either in the two-piece stainless steel sieve or directly in the double-walled glass. Borosilicate glass is temperature resistant from 0 to 110 °C. After the infusion you can enjoy the colour play of your favourite tea and see how it unfolds!

Asian aesthetics, high functionality – tea glass with strainer and naturally grown bamboo lid

The simplicity of the design goes hand in hand with practical handling. The wide drinking opening of the tea glass allows you to drink directly from the glass. Tea leaves or fruits can be used for one or more infusions. You can enjoy the drink in the business, at home or on the way directly from the tea glass with strainer or in a tea cup.  If you are not a convinced tea drinker – the trendy tea glass with strainer can of course also be used for your coffee or other drinks. Pour – let brew – enjoy. Whenever and wherever you like.

Tea Glass with Strainer instruction 1

Tea Glass with Strainer Instructions: Step 1
Pour the tea directly into the bottle or tea strainer. The amount depends on the type of tea and the desired strength of the tea. We recommend 2 to 8 grams.

Tea Glass with Strainer instruction 2

Tea Glass with Strainer Instructions: Step 2
Fill the hot water directly into the bottle and close the lid. Let the tea brew for 1 to 3 minutes. Depending on the tea, you can infuse your tea up to four times.

Tea Glass with Strainer Instructions: Step 3
The tea is drunk directly from the bottle. The bottle is designed for drinking directly from the bottle. A transfer into a cup is not necessary.

Tea Glass with Strainer advantages, glass 400ml double-walled, dense, bpa-free, tea strainer, tea filter, lid
  • double-walled borosilicate glass
  • Hot up to 1h hot
  • Cold up to 2h cold
  • 100% tight / BPA free
  • easy cleaning
  • Tea filter and tea strainer
Teeglas mit Sieb Test
Teeglas mit Sieb
Tea Glass with Strainer